Meet Vic, our esteemed Director of Project Management, whose impressive professional journey and personal qualities make him an invaluable asset to our organization. With a solid educational background in computer engineering and a strong foundation in IT, Vic’s expertise has been honed through years of hands-on experience and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Academic Journey

Vic’s academic journey began at NORSU (Negros Oriental State University), where he pursued a degree in Computer Engineering. However, his passion for IT led him to shift gears and enroll at Foundation University to specialize in web development. 

Vic’s Career

His dedication as a student volunteer in the Data Center of Foundation University earned him the trust of the administration and his colleagues which later paved the way to the institution’s goal towards a paperless community. He became the lead developer in the first ever online enrollment system in the entire Negros Oriental region.   During his time there, he even contributed to the development of the University’s Management Information System, showcasing his early aptitude for building practical and effective digital solutions.

While pursuing his passion as a full-time web developer, Vic also embarked on a fulfilling teaching career, handling  senior classes in web development. This experience not only solidified his expertise but also allowed him to shape and inspire the next generation of developers.

In 2009, Vic’s exceptional skills were recognized by EntheosIT, where he joined their team as a lead developer and project manager for a prominent banking system. For nine years, Vic dedicated himself to the successful execution of numerous projects, utilizing his technical prowess and innate leadership abilities. His relentless drive for excellence and meticulous attention to detail have consistently ensured the timely delivery of high-quality solutions.

Personal Life

Vic’s personal life is as remarkable as his professional accomplishments. Celebrating his 13th wedding anniversary in August, he shares an adjacent office with his lovely wife, Elen, emphasizing the importance he places on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Despite the rigorous demands of his role, Vic’s commitment to his family remains passionate.

Beyond his professional and personal commitments, Vic is also known as the go-to guy for repairs and tinkering. This multifaceted individual has a natural inclination for problem-solving, extending his expertise beyond the digital realm to practical tasks as well.

Outside of work, Vic’s adventurous spirit shines through his love for nature. He finds solace in traveling and indulging in his passion for hiking. Exploring the great outdoors not only rejuvenates his mind but also fuels his creativity, enabling him to approach projects with a fresh perspective.

Growing up as the seventh child among eight siblings, Vic imbibed the values of discipline and hard work from his lawyer father and homemaking mother. These qualities have served as the bedrock of his character, reflected in his commitment and meticulous approach to his work.

His Gloss Journey

Vic finds immense joy and fulfillment in his work, experiencing a true sense of accomplishment with each completed project. He attributes this fulfillment to the collaborative and supportive work culture fostered within our organization. Vic emphasizes that Gloss’ CEO, Greg, the epitome of fairness, never asks for more than what is reasonable, instilling a sense of trust and unity within the team.

As our Director of Project Management, Vic excels in effective communication, both with clients and his team. He ensures that projects are always moving forward, seamlessly coordinating and collaborating with his colleagues to achieve the desired outcomes. His ability to maintain a clear line of communication and facilitate efficient collaboration has been pivotal in the success of numerous projects under his guidance.

Committed To The Success Of Gloss

Vic’s journey from a computer engineering student to an accomplished Director of Project Management is a testament to his dedication, technical expertise, and exceptional leadership skills. His passion for web development, coupled with his ability to inspire and guide his team, has been instrumental in the success of our organization. Vic’s commitment to excellence, combined with his genuine love for nature and adventure, makes him a remarkable individual who continues to contribute significantly to the growth and success of our projects.