I am Thea, and welcome to a day in the life of an HR and Talent Acquisition Manager at Gloss, where each day brings new challenges and rewards! For the past four years, I have been the driving force behind our organization’s human resources and talent acquisition strategies. My role is dynamic, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. Each day presents new opportunities to build our team, develop innovative talent acquisition plans, and cultivate a culture of integrity, empathy, and excellence. 

I would like to take you through a typical day in my shoes. I work closely with our team to make sure everyone is happy and motivated, highlighting the excitement and dynamism of being an HR and Talent Acquisition Manager in the digital marketing industry at Gloss.


One of my primary responsibilities is to develop a sustainable talent acquisition and hiring plan. This involves various tasks such as enhancing job postings, creating recruitment marketing channels, utilizing job boards, marketing jobs online and offline, planning recruitment campaigns, and identifying talent needs. Developing a strong talent acquisition plan is crucial to ensuring that Gloss attracts and retains top talent in the digital marketing industry. To achieve this goal, I start by identifying the skills and attributes required for each position. This helps me create clear and concise job descriptions that accurately reflect the role’s requirements. Once the job descriptions are finalized, I focus on developing comprehensive recruitment campaigns that utilize both digital and non-digital marketing channels.

To ensure successful recruitment, I employ various methods such as posting jobs on job boards, running targeted advertisements, promoting opportunities on social media, and implementing employee referral programs. Additionally, I collaborate closely with subject-matter experts within the team to develop effective interview and selection processes that identify the best candidates for each position.

Going Above And Beyond

I also play a key role in creating a compelling employer brand that showcases our company’s unique culture and managing the hiring of new employees. It is important for us to establish a strong and positive image of Gloss that authentically represents our values and beliefs. 

Designing and implementing employer branding activities are critical components of our talent acquisition strategy, as they help us attract and retain top talent in the industry. By creating a strong and positive image of Gloss, we attract candidates who align with our values and are passionate about our mission.

My job also involves identifying blockages in the recruitment process by identifying areas within our process that are causing delays or hindering our ability to attract and retain top talent. Once these bottlenecks are identified, I work with our team to develop solutions that address the root cause of the problem.

In order to improve the candidate experience and retention rates, I also develop procedures that streamline the recruiting process and create a positive candidate experience. This involves providing timely feedback to candidates, ensuring fair and transparent selection processes, and offering opportunities for candidates to ask questions and provide feedback.

I take great pride in being responsible for managing all aspects of Gloss’ recruitment process, from beginning to end, as well as overseeing all other human resources functions. I work with our leaders to create and enforce HR policies, run benefits and wellness programs, and make sure everyone follows company policies and guidelines.

Taking Care Of Gloss Employees

As an HR and Talent Acquisition Manager, I am also the company’s Chief Happiness Officer. This role involves being responsible for employee engagement, motivating our team, and enhancing performance levels. To maximize our team’s happiness, I work closely with our leaders to develop employee engagement strategies that promote a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Employee engagement is a critical factor in Gloss’ success, as it helps to boost morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. I organize team-building events to bring our team together, such as engaging weekly team meetings that combine work and fun, opportunities for professional growth, goal-setting sessions, and the creation of wellness and benefits programs. 

My goal is to make sure everyone feels valued and supported. I actively ask for feedback from each person through our employee satisfaction surveys and stay interviews to help me address their unique concerns and needs.

I am motivated by the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of my colleagues at Gloss. I am passionate about helping employees overcome their challenges and achieve a happy and fulfilling work life. By doing so, I strongly believe that I can make a valuable contribution toward creating a more positive and productive work environment.

Overall, my role as an HR and Talent Acquisition Manager in a digital marketing company is diverse and dynamic. By developing strong talent acquisition plans, designing effective employer branding activities, and acting as the Chief Happiness Officer, my role is multi-faceted and challenging in the best possible way. Being capable of cultivating a workplace environment that is welcoming and inclusive, and ultimately attracting and retaining the best professionals in the industry, is incredibly rewarding to me.